Philip Selwyn, PhD

Dr. Selwyn, who earned his Ph.D in Chemical Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, retired from full-time employment in April 2013 after a 43-year career planning, conducting, assessing, directing, and managing a broad spectrum of technology development programs. His experience encompasses both the private sector (1970-76, 1993-2013) and the Federal government (1976-1993).

While in the Federal government, Dr. Selwyn served as the Director of the Office of Naval Technology from 1983-1992. In that capacity, he was the Navy’s senior civilian line manager in charge of the Navy’s $500 million annual Applied Research program. After leaving Federal service, Dr. Selwyn became Vice-President of Washington Operations for Areté Associates, a 300-person R&D company specializing in advanced remote-sensing technology for national security applications. In 2007, Dr. Selwyn became Areté’s Corporate Vice President for Strategic Development, in which capacity he led the company’s strategic planning activities, oversaw its Internal Research and Development Program, directed its efforts in pursuit of patent protection, and managed the company’s intellectual property portfolio.

Dr. Selwyn was a member of the Senior Executive Service for 14 years during which time he received the Presidential Distinguished Executive Rank Award, the Department of the Navy Distinguished Civilian Service Award, and the Secretary of Defense Meritorious Civilian Service Medal. Dr. Selwyn was a Presidential Exchange Executive in 1982-83, on loan from the Navy to Honeywell. Dr. Selwyn has over 50 open-literature and limited-distribution publications and is a co-inventor on three US patents.