EJ Scott Wins Envision Award and $5000 for Choroideremia Research

October 27th, 2014 by Danny Boren

On Saturday night, October 25th, EJ Scott took the stage in front of approximately 400 attendees of the annual Envision Gala event in Wichita, Kansas. EJ had been invited to the event to accept an award for his work bringing attention and awareness to the public about the blind community. In addition to the award the group is donating $5,000 to the Choroideremia Research Foundation. The Event this year was an “Arabian Nights” theme with over the top decorations, including a camel! Envision, is a non profit organization that assists individuals and their families that are blind and visually impaired. They train the individuals to be independent and self sufficient with different programs using state of the art adaptive technology. They also help to place them into the job market. There are also counselors and Ophthalmologists on staff. This year at their annual fundraiser in Wichita, they presented a new category for their awards. The new category was for a person who has brought attention to the blind community and they chose EJ Scott. EJ raised a great deal of money and brought attention to Choroideremia when he ran12 marathons in 12 months in 2012, while running blind folded. The award was presented to EJ by Bill Roy the emcee for the evening, a prominent newspaper writer, editor and TV award winning reporter. Ed & Marion Scott flew in to attend the event and watch as EJ brought the crowd to a roaring laughter from behind the microphone. Congratulations EJ on a well deserved award, for your continuing work and efforts to wipe out Choroideremia!