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How can one person run marathon after marathon, week after week?  How is the human body capable of such a

On Sunday, November 9, Tara Cassidy-Driscoll – along with her kids as well as other family and friends set off

No one has ever said that success comes easy.  And when you talk about marathon running, the depths of pain

On Saturday night, October 25th, EJ Scott took the stage in front of approximately 400 attendees of the annual Envision

Alaskan NBC Affiliate Interviews Jodi McLaughlin about Team CHM & Upcoming Ironman Arizona event to raise funds for Choroideremia Research

At 7:05 am in the morning on Saturday October 18 – the start gun fired and Jeff Benelli was off

Markie and the rest of the Devoe family have teamed up with the Philadelphia Phillies Triple A baseball team –

The following is Alan’s Trowhill’s Journey from Non-Runner and newbie fundraiser to becoming a 1/2 Marathon Finisher and fundraising champion,

The Purvis Brothers undertook a life changing journey across the United States 6 years ago.  That journey was made into

On September 6 Jason & Tara McKinney, along with a group of friends, faced the ROC Sacramento race in true