Alan’s Inspiring Journey raising over $5,000 and becoming a 1/2 Marathoner finisher

October 5th, 2014 by Danny Boren

05The following is Alan’s Trowhill’s Journey from Non-Runner and newbie fundraiser to becoming a 1/2 Marathon Finisher and fundraising champion, in his own words.  Included in the story are photos from his recent 1/2 Marathon – Congratulations Alan on your incredible performance!

It all started back in May as an idea and soon became a mission.

I returned home from a nine (9) month tour in Afghanistan on March 18th where I had started exercising regularly on an elliptical, but had never run on the road in my life. After returning home, I stopped exercising for two (2) months, then finally decided enough was enough and I began running… on the road with no real goal.

I heard about EJ Scott running 12 Marathons in 12 Months, but I never got the chance to hear his story until June 16th and the CHM conference in Denver. I had never met a person with CHM, other than my brother Curt, until June 15th. I had never heard anyone else’s story before travelling to Denver and it was awe inspiring to see so many people connected by one single purpose, to Cure CHM.


the Bruckelaufe Half Marathon crosses 13 bridges in 13.1 miles

On June 29th, my genetic test results came back and confirmed what I already suspected; I have Choroideremia (CHM). This news coupled with the knowledge I gained at the CHM conference in Denver motivated me to set a goal; I was going to run a Half Marathon “This Year!”

I contacted Danny Boren and Cory MacDonald about setting up a fundraising page and before the officially “new” CHM website was up and running, my beta page was ready to go.

I was going to start running on July 19th, but I had started training in May, so I joined a local 5K race on the 4th of July, I wasn’t fast, but I set a good pace and finished in 33:18 Minutes.

I then joined some amazing CHM family members in Hartford, CT on July 19th and we “Ran for Dan because he’s the Man.” It was my first ever color run and we all had a great time!

Next up was an 8K trail run for Multiple Sclerosis on July 26th. This was my first trail run and held special meaning to me because I have at least three (3) wonderful people in my life who have this terrible disease. I finished the race at 60:08 Minutes.

I then stepped it up to a 10K in Reston, VA on August 24th, it was a great race and I finished at 69:26 Minutes.


Alan’s Wife, Kids, Mom & Dad all braved the 40 degree weather to cheer him on!

I started having issues with my knees in Mid-August, but with physical therapy, I was able to continue training and prepare for my Half Marathon.

Outside circumstance made me push my Half Marathon up from November 8th to October 4th in Frankenmuth, MI. The weather forecast was 40-45 degree and 50% chance of rain, but with a lot of luck, that reduced to 0% chance of rain. It was a grind and probably the most athletic thing I’ve ever been able to do, but I was able to complete the race in 2 Hours and 39 Minutes.

Thanks to my amazing friends and family, I was able to raise $5,000 for the Choroideremia Research Foundation (CRF). A special thanks to all of the CHMers who inspired me, especially Curt Trowhill, EJ Scott, Danny Boren, Cory MacDonald, Jeff Benelli and so many others, I couldn’t have done it without you!


Celebrating with a well deserved beer post 1/2 Marathon

For anyone who thinks they cannot help the CRF, please use my story as motivation. I’ve never run before and never raised money before, but I was able to run a 13.1 mile race and raise over $5,000. If I can do it, I know you can too!

Please set up a fundraising page on and email your friends or post on Facebook and Twitter, they want to help; all they need is a little motivation from you!